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About OmBase

Is OmBase for meditation or yoga?
OmBase is a highly adjustable, multi-functional Meditation bench and Yoga prop. The unique, patent pending design supports virtually all preferred Meditation postures, and the (optional) sloped seat surface encourages ergonomically ideal body positioning. As a Yoga prop, OmBase is a dynamic replacement for a block or bolster. The soft, rounded edges on the design make it exceptionally comfortable, providing precise, customizable support, according to your needs on any given day. OmBase also includes a strap, which can be easily removed and used as a stand-alone Yoga aid, in the same way as any customary Yoga strap.
Is OmBase portable?
Yes! OmBase’s compact dimensions and light weight make it easily portable in any Yoga bag, backpack, or large purse. The detachable strap can also be used as a carrying fixture.
Are the materials eco-friendly?
We believe that yoga and meditation is not just something that happens on our mats; it is a force for positive change in the world. We teamed up with a leading Vancouver design studio to ensure that OmBase was designed as ethically and sustainably as possible. To ensure our product is reliable and built to last our designers chose materials that would make OmBase a household name for years to come (the most sustainable product is one that does not have to be thrown away). Beyond this our team of experts reduced part count, material thickness and simplified the manufacturing processes involved
How many different OmBase configurations are there?
OmBase can easily adjust to any height between 3”-7” by tightening or loosening the included strap. Additionally, an 8”-9” height extension is available and can be smoothly accessed by using the simple buttons on the side of each leg. The seat top can be flipped to provide either a 7 degree tilt, or a flat surface. Finally, the soft, wipeable seat surface can be removed and used as a pressure reducer under your knees, elbows, forehead , hips, or anywhere you could benefit from some additional cushioning. This diverse range of adjustment options offers numerous configurations for both Meditation and Yoga support, depending on the needs, body type and preferences of the individual practitioner.
Pelvic Tilt
When not used as a block we suggest switching to the perfect 7 degree tilt
FAQ Feature
Ombase has a footprint similar to a standard yoga block
The legs can easily adjust between 3"-7" for seated and kneeling postures
FAQ Feature
An extra adjustment can be made to extend the bottom legs to 8"-9"

Shipping & Returns

What are the product dimensions?
Product dimensions are: 12" Length x 5" Width x 3" Height
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We have partnered with UPS to ensure that upon launching sales, OmBase can be delivered to you, anywhere in the world.
What is your returns policy?
Your OmBase is covered by a 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defects; please send us an email at info@ombase.ca and we will assist you.
I haven't received my order yet
A tracking number is generated by UPS and sent to the customer as soon as a sale is made. If you have not received this number or require further assistance please contact us at sales@ombase.ca quoting your #ordernumber


The website mentioned a meditation app...?
Currently an OmBase app is in the planning and development phase. We look forward to launching this exciting companion to your OmBase supported practices; please subscribe for updates, or join our social media communities to stay connected!
Do you sell wholesale?
Absolutely! Please reach out to us at sales@ombase.ca with all wholesale inquiries
Where are you based?
OmBase Meditation Benches is a Vancouver Island company, located off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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