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The #MeditationMovement

OmBase is committed to making meditation easier; not only by offering physical support through our products, but by motivating, inspiring, and sharing information through our initiatives as well.

Our first major initiative is the #MeditationMovement, which was designed to illustrate the diversity in the people who meditate, and the benefits they receive from their practices, using an engaging video format. So far, we have received videos from all over the world, sharing inspiring stories about how meditation is improving lives.

Using content like this, we hope to not only introduce meditation to those who may be inexperienced in a relatable & “human” way, but also connect an grow the meditation community around the globe. OmBase is committed to supporting this Movement indefinitely, as it grows.

If you’d like to join the #MeditationMovement, please reach out to
us at email us, or visit our Facebook Group

Stories From The Greater Community

A small selection of stories from our #meditationmovement campaign.
Please find our Facebook group for more inspiring accounts of how meditation has benefited the lives of others. 

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